Mini Eiffel Tower at Parle Point


Dutch Garden
The ancient Dutch gardens, the Dutch cemetery and Makaipul, the ancient original port from where the ships sailed to other parts of the world are other attractions.

Old Fort
 The Old Fort was built by Muhammed Tughlak in the 14th century to fortify the defence against the Bhils. It is now used for Municipal Offices.

Sardar Patel Museum
– About hundred years old this museum has a collection of over 10,000 specimens of arts and crafts.

– It is an open air theater with 18 meters by 10.5 meters stage and a capacity of around 4000 spectators. This is one of the biggest theater in the country. Rangupavan has been lately closed down by the owners.

Dumas & Hajira
 Dumas 16 km from Surat and Hajira 28 km from Surat are well known health resorts on the creek of Arabian Sea. Hajira has two wells with water rich in iron and sulphur. The pleasant Hazira beach is fringed by feathery casurina trees.

Gaurav Path
 One of the most happening places of Surat. Built by Surat Municipal Corporation.

 It’s also very popular place of city, It’s big garden and it’s also known for fastfood like Paav Bhajee and Paani puri.

Vansada National Park
 It is situated in Valsad district is a home to leopards, tigers, panthers and wild boars. The best time to visit is between October to March.

It is Situated around 30km Away from surat towards Ahmadabad highway. It have Different types of Rides, Where everyone can Enjoy. It is like essel world, but is not so big.

Water Fun Park
 It is situated in Hazira Road 16 km away from Surat City, is a famous for weekend in Summer. It is also called
છબ છબા છબ. *


There are a number of beaches near Surat. Only 16 km away, Dumas is a popular resort with locals. Hajira is 28 km from the city and Ubhrat is 42 km out, while Tithal is 108kn away and only five km from Valsad on the Mumbai to Vadodara train line. Twenty-nine km south of Surat, Navsari has been a
headquarters for the Parsi community since the earliest days of their settlement in India. Udvada, only 10 km north of Vapi, the station for Daman, has the oldest Parsi sacred fire in India. It is said that the fire was brought from Persia to Diu, on the opposite coast of the Gulf of Cambay, in 700 AD. Sanjan, in the extreme south of the state, is the small port where the Parsis first landed. A pillar marks the spot.

Dutch Cemetry
 Located near Kataragam Gate, this impressive mausoleum is that of Baron Adrian Van Reede who passed away in 1691. A massive Dome, beautiful pillars and the huge gallery make it a very outstanding monument.

Science City
 Located near to Citylight area. It is developing by SMC and it will be most attractive place for tourist in near future.

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