Transport in Surat

The means of public transport in the city are met by privately operated autorickshaws. They are the easiest and most convenient mode of transportation in Surat. The city local bus system is not functional in most of the parts of the city.

Surat has the highest number of flyovers in Gujarat. The roads are well maintained.

Surat is connected to the National Highway 8 through a 16k.m. connector highway.

The city is connected to the national railway system through the Western Railways connecting it to Mumbai and beyond to the south as well as New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and other cities to the north. There is also a connection to the Central Railways through the Udhana Junction and the Tapti line. The variety of passenger trains range from local trains that stop at all stations on the way, to super fast express trains (by Indian standards) like the August Kranti Rajdhani Express. In addition there are plenty of goods trains that move the goods produced by the city to the rest of the country and beyond, and bring supplies to the city.

Surat Airport is located at Dumas Road, near Magdalla. It became functional from 6th May 2007. Currently, Surat-Delhi flights are operating. It is going to connect to other major cities in India very soon hopefully and also become an International airport in future.

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