Sardar Smriti Bhavan

Sardar Smriti Bhavan
Sardar Smriti Bhavan
1 Location Construction of Auditorium at T.P.S.No-4,F.P.No.M/3 (Ashwinikumar-Navagam), Surat.
2 Total Plot Area 5700 Sq.mts.
3 Area of Construction 5111 Sq.mts.
4 Details of Estimate General Board Res.No.237/97, Dtd.30/6/1997
Rs.1,99,79,200.00 Net Estimate
Rs.2,14,00,000.00 Gross Estimate
5 Details of Tender Std. Comm. Reso.No.491/98, Dtd.7/4/1998
Rs. 1,37,80,676.17 Ps. (Civil Work)
6 Work Started Dt. 23/04/1998
7 Time Limit (Civil Work) 24 months
8 Work Completed 13/08/2001
9 Consultant
A Architect Consultant Shri Parixit M.Talati, Surat
B Air-Conditioning Consultant Randive, Mumbai
C Electrical Consultant Sheth Techno Consultant, Ahmedabad
10 Project Cost
A Civil Works Rs. 1,73,00,000.00
B Electrification Works Rs. 57,00,000.00
C Air-Conditioning Work Rs. 54,00,000.00
D Acoustic & Stage Curtain Work Rs. 36,00,000.00
E Chair & Furniture Works Rs. 25,00,000.00
F H.T. Room, D.G. Room and Underground Water Tank Work Rs. 10,62,000.00
G General Development and other Misc. Civil works i.e. main entrance gate, granite platform, entrance marble & jeselmer works, compound wall, Acoustic in plant room & A.H.U. Room Rs.
H Sound System Rs.13,00,000.00
Total Rs.3,67,02,582.00
11 Project Details :
a Ground Floor
Booking Office 1
A.C.PIant Room 1
Electric Panel Room 1
Store Room 1
AHU Room 1
Staff Room 1
Gents Toilet Unit 1
Ladies Toilet Unit 1
Seating unit for Spectator 20
Waiting lounge 2000 Sq.mts.
b Foyer Level
Seating Unit for Spectator 19 Nos.
Stairs to Auditorium House 2   Nos.
c Auditorium Level :
Stage 65′ x 35′ of Wooden flooring
Green Room For Artist 6 Nos.
Store & Other Room 4 Nos.
Sound & Electric Control Room 2 Nos.
Toilet Block Unit 2 Nos.
Seating Area 1500 Sq.mts.
Seating Capacity 1201 Seats
d Entrance / Exit :
For Artist 1
For Spectators from Ground to Auditorium House 4
12 Air-Conditioning Details :
Capacity : (Dx System ) 4 Units X 33 TR = 132 TR
Voltas Make & Direct Expansion Type Stage Centralized A.C.System
13 Electrification Details :
Fully decorative “Art Light” make indirect lighting/illumination system in auditorium area
Complete stage lighting system supplied by “Modern” which contains
a Cyclorama Flood light 500 W – 16 Nos.
b Flood light 500 W (Bamdoor Flap Colour Cassette) – 8 Nos.
c Zoom Spot light 600 W 8 Nos.
d Plano Convex Spot Light (Colour) 650 W 12 Nos.
e Colour Fresnel 650 W 20 Nos.
f Electronic dimmer control 2 Nos.
g 300 KVA High Tention (11 KV) feeder supply from SEC
h D.G.Set – 125 KVA
14 Sound System Details
Professional Stereo Equalizer Sound System
Main Speaker – 450 W (R.M.S) 4 Nos.
Side Filler Speaker – 150 W (R.M.S) 12 Nos.
Stage Monitor – 300 W (R.M.S) 2 Nos.
Special Purpose Speaker (For Music Programme) – 500 W 2 Nos.
Microphone 19 Nos.
Capacity 4200 W (R.M.S)
6200 W (P.M.P.O)

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