BRTS In Surat

Following is the latest status and future plan of Surat BRTS project. The details are taken from the proposed budget draft of Surat Municipal Commissioner for year 2013-14 financial year.

BRTS budget in year 2012-13: Provision of Rs 149.94 crore and in 2013-14 Rs 375.40 crore

BRTS phase-1: Revised budget: 2013-14 Rs 89.94 crore
Budget provision: 2013-14 Rs 175.30 crore

Phase 2: Revised budget: 2012-13 Rs 54.75 core
Budget provision: 2013-14 Rs 54.75 crore

Phase 1 is 60 km long while phase 2 is 45 km long

BRTS Sitilink completed works in 2012-13:

-Kharvarnagar junction fly over ( 552 m) Rs 34.37 crore
-New bridges on the both sides of existing Kharvarnagar junction bridge (98 m) Rs 16.47 crore

Works in progress 2012-13 and spill over works in 2013-14 (corridor development)

-Surat Navsari road: Udhana darwaja to Sachin- Ashish restaurent (10.2 km) Rs 78.21 crore
-Dumas resort club to Kharvarnagar junction – canal corridor (8.7 km) Rs 86.70 crore
-Dumas resort club Y junction to Anuvrat gate Rs 49.68 crore
-Anuvrat gate to Kharvarnagar junction Rs 63.01 crore
-Khrvarnagar junction to Simada junction (canal corridor 7.7 km) Rs 69.30 crore
-Simada junction to Sarthana (canal corridor 3.3 km ) Rs 34.72 crore
-Surat-Navsari road 20 bus stops Rs 10.91 crore
-Surat-Navsari road rallying Rs 4.05 crore
-Surat-Navsari road cyclye stand, dustbean, signages, cat eye, midean marker etc Rs 2.08 crore
-Savji Korat junction 2X3 lane fly over bridge Rs 80.80 crore

BRTS – Phase 2 works

-Adajan patiya to Pal and Adajan patiya to Jahangirpura Rs 57.42 crore
-Umara to ONGC circle via SVNIT junction Rs 68.12 crore
-Anuvrat dwar to St. Thomus and St. Thomus to Daksheshwar mahadev mandir Rs 58.89 crore
-Gajera circke to Jahangirpura Rs 36.13 crore
-Udhna-Dindoli railway over bridge near Pramukh park Rs 60.49 crore
-Vishwakarma junction fly over near Puna gam Rs 33.68 crore
-Manish Society over bridge connecting Utran-Amreoli Rs 48.40 crore
-Sitanagar junction fly over bridge in Varachha area Rs 26.70 crore

BRTS bus shelter and workshop

Setting up bus-stops at various BRTS corridors Rs 82.50 crore

Construction of depot and workshop for BRTS phase-2 Rs 25 crore

Proposed works for construction of BRTS bridges in 2013-14:

Umara-Pal river bridge over river Tapi – Rs 82.50 crore

Katargam-Varachha railway over bridge near Utkalnagar – Rs 35.77 crore

Bombay market – Ring road railway over bridge near Chidiyakui Rs 42.78 crore

Proposed works of BRTS corridor development in 2013-14:

-Daksheshwar Mahadev Mandir to Magob workshop via Dindoli Rs 69.92 crore

-Magob workshop to Hirabag and Hirabag to Kansa nagar lake Rs 57.92 crore

-Hirabag to Amroli via Utran Rs 27.13 crore

-Udhana darwaja to Bhagal via Gopi talav, Chok to Kapadia health club via Kadarshah ni nal – Majura gate, Railway station to Katargam darwaja and chowk to station Rs 52.71 crore

-Katargam darwaja to Kosad Rs 72.10 crore

-Sarthana to Vakal city limit, and Aai Mata junction to Magob city limit Rs 36.43 crore

-Aai mata junction to Railway station via Bombay market Rs 26.05 crore

Proposed works for BRTS project in 2013-14:

Bhestan bus depot and workshop Rs 14.56 crore

ITS/ATC system Rs 56.19 crore

Bus shelter, bus terminus, street furniture and landscaping Rs 50 crore

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