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  1. shoppingsurat

    Future of Surat Diamonds

    The quality of diamonds finished in China and other African countries has been improving tremendously of late. This has cast a dark cloud over the diamond-manufacturing units in Surat. Being tenacious, the diamond merchants of this state have yet again bounced back training their artisans in diamond studded jewellery making, captivating the local market. They sparkle through the clouds even as they invent means to stabilize their international presence. The diamond manufacturers and the artisans have thus advanced further in their field sustaining their profits even as they glitter in various stores in India.

  2. લોચાવાળુ શહેર બદલાય રહ્યુ છે.એફિલ ટાવર નથી રહ્યો,સરદાર બ્રિઝ ઉપર જાળી લાગાવ દિધી છે.ત્યાં આવતા પક્ષીઓ હવ બીજી જગ્યાની તલાસ કરી રહ્યા છે.કોઝવેમાં જ્યાં ધોધમાર પાણી વહેતુ ત્યાં આજે દુકાળ પડ્યો હોય તેવી સ્થિતીનુ નિર્માણ થઈ ગયુ છે..

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